The Team:

Graham Jans
Designer / Progammer


Lara Kehler
Artist / Designer


Mike Labbé
Developer / Progammer



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First Week Review Roundup

It's been a week since Zombie Minesweeper launched in the App Store! We've had absolutely awesome feedback so far, a huge thanks to everyone who has comment on the game!


AppAdvice"This is my kind of love story. Mainly because there are zombies. And explosions."

iFanzine: (4.5/5) "The threat of moving enemies really ups the ante on ye olde Minesweeperformula; stir in Frogtoss Games’ macabre sense of humor and you’ve got a product that’s ripe for a cult following among casual and hardcore gamers alike."

DaxGamer: "It brought back memories of playing the classic Minesweeper while managing to give to give players a really well done update."

Clearance Bin Review: (7.5/10) "Overall, Zombie minesweeper was lots of fun. It’s not the type of game you’ll find yourself staying up late playing, telling yourself “just one more level” but it is a game that will keep you entertained throughout the entire experience."

Gamezebo: (4.5/5) "Zombie Minesweeper is one of those games that sounds like it might be stupid but winds up being stupidly fun. It's adorable and strange and just violent enough to be goofily awesome."

Touch Arcade: "There's something special in the combination of zombies and minefields. This top-down action puzzler puts the two together to explosive effect."

Video Sightings

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