The Team:

Graham Jans
Designer / Progammer


Lara Kehler
Artist / Designer


Mike Labbé
Developer / Progammer



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Blood, Sweat, Tears and More Blood

We're taking a step away from the fanfare in the run up to Zombie Minesweeper: A Love Story's launch to introduce ourselves.

The three of us have been working together for five years at various companies creating a remarkably broad set of games. The minute we found ourselves moving on, we conspired to work together on the next project, damned be the need to find a company to hire us first. We sat in coffee shops that would have us, coming up with the project that would be our first indie collaboration.

Vancouver has its champions: it's a great city to be a game developer; it's a great city to be an entrepreneur. So we were living the life when we decided to make a game about landmine puzzles filled with zombies. Working out of our homes, we have been hammering away on Zombie Minesweeper for the better part of a year. (Our partners have been very patient and understanding.)

How far are you willing to go to see your creation find success? Would you write blog posts about it and talk about it with your friends? Probably. What about eschewing immediately gainful employment to spend the extra hours polishing it? Maybe... lots of talented people certainly have. How about turning game development into a performance art? Uh. Observe as Graham (design, programming) dresses up as the very zombies in the game for a promotional photoshoot:



- Michael Labbé

Reader Comments (1)

This game looks awesome, kudos to the team and will definately be getting this when I get my iPhone soon :)

I've just advertised this game on Train2Game forums as I'm a member and currently undergoing the Game Design course. Heres the link of the post -

If you need a tester in the future, then I'm up for it and keep making great games.
Hope this game is successful.

August 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHarjinder
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