The Team:

Graham Jans
Designer / Progammer


Lara Kehler
Artist / Designer


Mike Labbé
Developer / Progammer



Graham Jans

 Graham is the designer of the team but sometimes you'd swear he's an inventor.  You can approach him on any day at any time and he'll be thinking deep and intelligent thoughts about any number of game related topics.  Although his primary forté is game design, he has a love for generative art and code chops that put many programmers to shame.

Graham, then, unsurprisingly, has worn a large number of hats throughout his career.  From designing levels for Army of Two to building Facebook games to his true calling — indie games — Graham has the type of stories you'd expect from grizzled old veterans.  

Graham decided to go independent because he considers passion more important than a paycheque.

Fun fact: Graham will dance when no one else is on the dance floor.


Lara Kehler

 The muse of the team, Lara creates the artwork that inspires us to make games that play as good as they look.  She also contributes to design; don't expect to just get something shiny back — it always has real substance.

Lara has been making games for ten years and has shipped titles for the PC, Wii, DS, iPad and Facebook.  She decided to go independent because she feels that everything is more rewarding when you make it yourself.

Fun fact: Lara named her firstborn "Indy".  That's dedication.


Michael Labbé

 Michael wears the business and engine programming hats at Frogtoss.  He's been working on a super secret engine for an upcoming Frogtoss project.  While hammering away at that, he has been working on "everything else" for Zombie Minesweeper, helping ensure it has a great launch.

Michael worked on multiplayer games  for ten years at Threewave Software where many teams and publishers go to get AAA multiplayer for their PC and console titles.

Michael decided to go independent because he believes the most exciting games that can be made should be made by small teams of inspired people.  

Fun fact: Michael has watched every episode of Sex and the City. :(


Mark Wiebe

The incredible sounds and tunes in zombie minesweeper (including my favourite, the mushroom death sound!) were recorded, composed, and edited by Mark Wiebe. You can check out more of his music and other sexy details over at his website.